Your PBP number
289 over here!
I scrapped mine off, I did not come of cleanly so no way to memorialize it.

I feel like this is the game that some EV car owners in the USA have a incremental EL XXXX tag/license plate number. I guess this is showing off how early of an adopter they are.
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Beep boop

079 here
I suspect that the stickers were only on the 2nd batch (and onward) produced, and indicate the number within that batch. But I could be wrong. All I know is that first batch units seem to not have them...

What I could also do, is publish the combined data (with emails removed) from the forum preorders, so that you have definitely proof of where you sit. That's the first 884 units...

If we were counting from the very beginning of production, mine would be somewhere in the first 10. Wink
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Does our order number indicate our PineBook number?

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Mine is 191
Mine is 355 ( the best)
No sticker on my first batch Pinebook, I guess some of us both can not play and win by default. XD
#323 here (2nd batch)
I thought it was some sort of almost palindrome like feature as it is #182

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