A true mainline Linux Kernel for the Pinebook Pro
(11-29-2019, 04:26 AM)danielt Wrote:
(11-28-2019, 10:36 PM)Solra Bizna Wrote: Well, that would explain why my attempts to boot Debian armhf have failed... but now that I know which option to set, let's see if setting it fixes that.

EDIT: still black screen, still gotta wait for that serial cable to get here
EDIT 2: at which point I half expect the serial output to show that it boots successfully but that I just don't have a proper video driver installed...

I've knocked together a dirt simple userspace Debian installer based on debootstrap (the idea is either to run it from the factory image to provision an SD card or run it from an SD card distro to provision the eMMC).

Until I read this I've only been testing it for arm64 but since it was only a two line change to the installer and I already had CONFIG_COMPAT=y in my kernel config... end result is I can confirm that Debian/armhf using the tsys kernel works fine. I've only done a simple smoke test but WiFi and gnome-shell are both working fine (which in particular means panfrost has come up OK).

If you are interested I'm happy to push it to a git server this evening. As I said it is dirt simple and there's several bits that are currently an exercise for the reader but I'm happy with release-early-release-often so I don't feel I need to finish it before I share it ;-) .

I came to the same conclusions last night.

Enabling CONFIG_COMPAT and dropping the baud rate on the cmdline to 115200 means I can now boot the default Debian rootFS. I have to switch baud rates during boot through as it transitions from 1500000 to 115200 when u-boot hands off, so I'll have to rebuild a new u-boot with the lower rate.

It seems that the issue is that not all agetty versions will accept the higher baud rate. This happens on the Manjaro image too, so it isn't a Debian thing.

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