November Blog Update -- PinePhone Braveheart, Pinebook Pros, and a giant Pine Cluster
(11-05-2019, 08:36 AM)fire219 Wrote: Click me to read more
"As a teaser I attach an image of Manjaro running mainline kernel and Panfrost FOSS GPU drivers on the Pinebook Pro – pretty cool huh?"

Yes! Yes, very cool indeed! I'm running Manjaro ARM on my Raspberry Pi 4 - it's fast (2GHz overclock) and smooth. It's not my daily driver, but if I had a desk to have a permanent setup then it could be just about. I'd be totally psyched with a Pinebook Pro running Manjaro!  

And I guess the fact that it's running the mainline kernel means that it will be easier for developers to maintain? E.g. fewer device-specific tweaks needed?

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