PineBook Pro #168's harrowing adventure
(11-03-2019, 02:18 PM)WilFree Wrote: I decided I had better submit a support ticket since I only get the dark screen when trying to boot up now. For a while I found that I could press down on the top center of the keyboard frame to get the screen to come up and stabilize. When it worked the screen was very bright and stable without any problems for over an hour.

That does sound like something is loose. Have you opened it up yet?
Yes. Everything looked good and tight. The only thing I pulled and reset was the eMMC module (at the direction of Pine Support). This module is floppy inside its socket mounting so a bump could pop it out. But resetting mine did not help my screen problem.
A friend pointed out that my keyboard/trackpad problems might be an RF interference issue... where I was sitting testing the PBP, there are no less than fourteen active WiFi and Bluetooth transmitters within two meters of me. If it is related to RF interference, that would explain why it's so much worse for me.

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