Pinebook Pro won't turn on
As for hardware problems I've encountered:
I've lost wireless internet at least once on both laptops
I've lost the screen display several times on both
one of the laptops stopped charging

For the WiFi and display, there did not seem to be a loose cable. After several attempts to get it back, slapping the laptop quite hard while it was closed is what eventually worked.
As for the laptop that would not charge, leaving it to charge for several days had no effect (battery was 0%), but for no apparent reason switching batteries between laptops worked. Both laptops now charge.
These laptops were bought back in November last year, and I remember reading in a previous announcement that the build had been tweaked a bit so hopefully these issues have been ironed out since then.
My PBP work good for some time,
Today it just not powered on after power button press. No any light turns on.

I connect charger, red litghts on charge lights, after some minutes it turns off.

I try to press power button with and without charger connected, pressing for 1-3 seconds, for 30 seconds.

My PBP shows no any reaction to power button. No one lights.

I try to disconnect and connect back battery, push reset button.

My PBP not turns on.

How to back it to life?
Same issue. not turning on anymore, no red light, nothing... Sad

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