Backlights doesn't work
(11-03-2019, 02:55 PM)Bloris Wrote:
(11-02-2019, 12:18 PM)neilman Wrote: I can confirm that the brightness setting cannot be adjusted from the sign-in screen
Logging in blind to a standard Pinebook Pro is: "rock" enter-key (or Tab) "rock" enter-key
Then Fn plus F2 to crank the brightness up
Good luck!

Bad news, seems like it's an hardware problem. You can login and try to increase the monitor's light but it remains black. Desktop seems to work fine, shortcut seems to work...but backlight doesn't.

I'm quite unlucky...

Mine started out with a very dark screen with a little screen flicker and when I typed it would brighten enough to see the log in. I soon found that by just pressing on the top of the keyboard frame the screen would also brighten enough to log in. However, it has now deteriorated so that I only get a dark screen and have to log in blind and then hit the Fn F2 several times to get the screen to brighten. No screen flicker after it warms up. After reading the post on horrible screen flicker I tried booting with the charger plugged in and there is no problem with dark screen or flicker. However, the Fn F2 key brightness setting is not stable until after a few minutes of warmup.

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