Did you pay an import tax?
No, I did not.
Yes, I did.
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Did you have to pay import tax on your PBP?
New Brunswick, Canada
Payed $58.22 in import fees. Total cost was about $350 CAD.
No: (non-business use laptops/computers are duty/tax free)
Location: St Kitts (Caribbean)
However, the shipping address I used at checkout was fright forwarder, I had to pay them the equivalent of $10 USD to ship via air (https://amerijet.com/).

Laptop - $199
DHL to Miami - $33.00
Air fright to St. Kitts: $10.00
Total: $242.99
My ANSI PBP arrived on January 20 without any discrepancy.

In addition to the USD33 shipping the following fees were paid on delivery:

Ontario HST (13%)  CAD40.71
DHL Motivation Fee (+ HST) CAD 11.25 (+ 1.46)
DHL Executive Bonus Fee (+ HST) CAD 5.25 (+ 0.68)

Total CAD 59.36

Is there any reason why Pine wouldn't provide one or two alternative shipping options? While the sales tax is expected, the lack of transparency regarding the follow-on DHL processing/transacting fees is disconcerting. Although I am admittedly spoiled by free shipping from ebay/amazon/other HK electronics sellers.

Anyways it's a very nice machine.
280 after shipping and tax
No. Ontario, Canada. I was surprised (pleasantly) as DHL usually is the worst for import fees.
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