Did you pay an import tax?
No, I did not.
Yes, I did.
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Did you have to pay import tax on your PBP?
Yes, Malaysia. ~26 USD
No, USA.
Yes, in Canada Ontario. 13% tax on the machine.

Here is the catch: on the top of it, need to pay DHL "package ransom" - so called "brokerage" and "transaction" fees. And on the top of these two fees, tax will be added onto it.

So I ended up paying CAD$53.70

No... Australia ??  Cool
73Euros for Northen Italy
Germany, DHL wants 55,73 Euro Cash
Spain, €88.40


I paid -95,22 to DHL (57,95 € import taxes and 30,30 for DHL service).

These 30,30 were optional, the alternative being that I go to DHL and get their import documentation, then wait for them to send the package to the import office, file some request on the Internet and go to the import office. There were some more kafkian-like details about it as narrated by the DHL on the phone. They were pushing for me to pay to them.

I ended up paying 314,74 €: 226,49 on 2019-12-02 for PBP + shipping and the aforementioned 95,22 € on 2019-12-31.

New York, USA

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