Pinebook Pro mouse
(10-14-2019, 02:05 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Am I missing something here ?
You purchase an ultra portable small thin laptop,
Then you want to add a bunch of external devices to it ?
Isn't that what your home desktop is for ?

One slim mouse is a bunch of external devices? Sorry, I dont understand. You do not need a mouse for your laptop?

I do not longer have any desktop, because I do not have a place for that, only my slim laptop and waiting for PBP.
1) Sorry, that was just my opinion, not meant to offend you.
2) I really do prefer my touch pad over a mouse. For me, my touch pad works perfectly.
...(..others mentioned external keyboards.)

My oldest son has a bluetooth keyboard with a touch pad on it, that seems to work fairly well.
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(10-14-2019, 02:45 PM)bcnaz Wrote:
My oldest son has a bluetooth keyboard with a touch pad on it,  that seems to work fairly well.

This may be good for a desktop, but maybe a little useless for laptop, when we have both keyboard and touchpad integrated?
He has a 17" wide screen laptop,  he sits it about 6 to 8 foot away from himself, then just uses the keyboard in his lap.
    NOT my choice,  but he likes it that way.
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