Pro NVMe adapter Does not fit ! ?
Does your board, as installed, interfere with the trackpad at all?
(11-22-2019, 07:31 AM)ElektromAn Wrote: Hi all

I've taken some photos from the NVMe adapter
The PCB itself fits, only the cable have some slighly issue
Can you provide me the model of your SSD? I would like to try one of those.
And maybe I can cut the adapter to don't interfere with the touchpad.

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ElektromAn :
1)  referring to your pictures, your card appears physically to fit.

Thanks to the 40mm length, as most are using the 80mm length NVMe modules.

Using the 80mm card puts the attachment post under the track pad,  which is too tall and the post pushes up on the track pad when it is put back together.
*(The one person who has apparently got his PBP to boot from his NVMe cut the adapter board short of the track pad, and instead attached the module with tape)
*(He then added some gentle folds to his ribbon cable to clear the speaker,  *Note he also rerouted his track pad cable away from the NVMe module area)
...So you "may" indeed be able to physically install your drive with the parts you have.

2)  Next is the software :  The one person who did get their PBP to boot did some creative software 'work-arounds'...
But Some of us are waiting for a more 'main stream solution' to come out.  Currently using the NVMe for storage is an obvious possible scenario ...
(MrFixit and asufan are both working on a main stream solution at this time)

**  I am still kind of new to this Frontier so I keep roaming through these posts, 
...It seems sometimes reading the same post a week later,   it makes more sense that the previous time I read it.

* But Also seems it could be re-arranged like a wiki is  So a subject is not spread out across so many different threads..?
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Below video should the way to fold the Pinebook Pro NVMe cable.
(11-25-2019, 01:04 AM)tllim Wrote: Below video should the way to fold the Pinebook Pro NVMe cable.

Woah, is that a white PBP?

Thanks for this, I intend to fit mine tonight. Now I have a good reference.

If anyone has done this fold, could you share still photos of it? The video is still a nice reference to have, but the ribbon cable is being held at the fold, and obscures it from view.
I have my NMVe adaptor (with 2280 M.2) in a similar position to ElektromAn. I rerouted the touchpad FPC so that it's not underneath the adaptor and then I used some electrical tape both underneath the end of the adaptor to make sure it couldn't short anything and over the adaptor to  hold it in place (because the screw holes don't align in this position). It seems to physically fit ok and I haven't noticed any interference with the touchpad. I can access the  NVMe drive, although I haven't tried to use it as a rootfs yet.
I seem to have the same problem as others on this. What's the status on a new adaptor of placement?

Should I just give up for now? I don't see that cable reaching, and the clearance looks suspect.

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In reference to -
"If you already have an adaptor then you'll be getting the bits and pieces necessary to make it work properly. "
Any update on when the owners of the original adapter will receive the parts to fix it?
(11-25-2019, 11:56 AM)Feakster Wrote: I seem to have the same problem as others on this. What's the status on a new adaptor of placement?

Should I just give up for now? I don't see that cable reaching, and the clearance looks suspect.

That looks like mine. I just ran the touchpad under the NVMe. My shell had a gap in the support ridges like the ribbon was intended to fold and route that way.

The NVMe ribbon looks like mine as well. Just have to do the fold technique shown in the video with the white shelled PBPro. Now I'm wondering if I have the same issue with this new NVMe power draw on battery with the 3.3v supply...

Edit: So I decided to inspect my touchpad a bit more and it does seem like it's not clicking as well with the NVMe adapter installed. I also rerouted my mouse ribbon above and to the right instead of under the plate to see if that had any effect. I fear the bottom shell doesn't have enough space and the pressure of the bottom plus NVMe is affecting my touchpad.

But the NVMe ribbon definitely reaches.
Has anyone received the "updated" kit ?
** So far the method of cutting the adapter board to 'clear' the touch pad seems to 'work', but cable ties and or tape are needed to secure the module to the adapter ?
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