Pinebook Pro Initial Impressions
How often do you flash a new bios to your x86 box?
ie, why update a working uboot?
If you flash a new image to emmc, then you get a new one, will or no
Smart to save a working uboot 1st (before flashing), the 1st 16M, and deal with mbr- partiton table
Anyway, to the point........
Since nothing in the 1st 16M is mounted, you don't have to disable emmc
Just get a uboot package and flash away
If you don't have a booting nvme, manjaro has a BSP uboot,, (and I would bet it would boot SD's)
Too bad there is not an "approved" uboot to flash on SPI or no uboot ratings page
BTW, this has a extlinux.conf in it that is ONLY suited for 2 partition installs, that is a separate boot partition,
ark often will 'pull' it apart so you can get out idbloader, uboot, trust OR edit extlinux.conf if needed BEFORE reboot
Most manjaro installs are 2 partition

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