[28/03/2017] openSUSE Tumbleweed Images for Pine64
Thanks for the new image - very nice.

After installation of the OpenSuse image, I tried to install a desktop ( patterns-openSUSE-kde_plasma). OpenSuse wanted to download 1024 new packages. This took hours on my slow link. Then they failed to install as the 2gb root partition had filled up. Using GParted I was able to extend the root parition of the sdcard and install the desktop. At fist boot OpenSuse came up with a command line. Hmmm - what to do. After a googling I decided to install the kdm package. Soon after I was presented with a log-in screen, and was able to start the kde-plasma desktop.

As stated previously firefox is not working, but many other applications are good. I like the fact that OpenSuse is conservative on cpu and memory. But more checking and testing is required. The main menu (bottom - left) was a real pain. I had to wait for different parts of the menu to load, before selecting something. This made deskop interactivity poor. But other actions worked well - moving between windows and work places or screens was good.

This very early experience leeds me to say that it is still a work in process. Your mileage may vary.

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