[28/03/2017] openSUSE Tumbleweed Images for Pine64
So you don't have to learn "vi" just to edit one configuration file one time, you can install the simple, easy text editor "nano"
sudo zypper refresh
sudo zypper install nano

Yesterday I tried a new round of possible URL's for the Terra854 or Weebly repo, but one I tried before now works. It is:
sudo zypper ar -f http://files.pine64.org/opensuse/repository Pine64
 ar means 'add repo.'
 -f is where the repo is.
 Pine64 is a name you choose at will.

The packages in this repo probably won't do much for you without a GUI desktop installed.

The Terr854 image is command line only (CLI), but the package manager (zypper) is already setup with the location of a port of the complete opensuse oss repo for ARM (aarch64), including what seems like all packages in the x86_64 version, so you can install a full KDE, Gnome, Mate, LXDE, xfce or cinnamon desktop using the right package name, and I installed KDE Plasma. The desktop interface works smoothly and beautifully using 600M on my 2G memory Pine64, but unfortunately not some of the programs (Firefox and Midori segfault). reKonq however works for web browsing, without playing youtube videos.

sudo zypper install (your choice)


 You don't have to guess the package name, or have printed notes, or have another computer with the info, to be able to install it from a terminal.
zypper se mate
se means 'search,' for what you put after that, like mate, or desktop, or pattern
if you use sudo with this it will say it is locked by itself, so don't.

Using the Yast GUI Software Manager, out of the packages in the Tera864 Pine64 repo:

libcedrus                             OK
libump                                OK
libvdpau-sunxi                     says unsatisfiable dependency libcedrus1
xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo   says unsatisfiable dependency xserver-xorg-essentials

IAC it seems to find a way to go on, and smplayer will now play a video a little oddly at something like normal speed, but chops up the sound. Before, it would play the video in ultra-slow-mo, but the audio was OK.

Running the pine64_update_kernel.sh script started always saying I have the current longsleep kernel when it got to .101-4, whereas the script on ubuntu now updates to .102-2. The scripts on both compare to be essentially identical. As far as I can see, the script just downloads a compressed file, uncompresses it, and copies the files to certain directories. So the it is the identical files being used as with ubuntu.

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