Is a KDE Neon version in the works?
The initial announcement had some vague stuff about working with KDE. Is a custom KDE Neon version (like for the original Pinebook) in the works?
Also very interested in this!
Yes, they just have to get their units.
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Any update here? Smile
You can install a base ubuntu install (I used Ayufan's ubuntu LXDE install) and add the Neon repos, works really well. Remember Neon is not a distro, it is a customised repository on top of Ubuntu LTS.

Once added you need to remove wicd to allow KDE to handle the networking, but that is about it. Having said that chromium has just decided that the plugins for netflix should not be enabled. I problem to work on today.
Tried that, but then the compositor always crashes at startup and starts using XRenderer

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