Linux distro that will work with Kodi?
(09-15-2019, 12:43 PM)snoopy_ca Wrote: Hi, the LE build supports PCIe cards. I have a NVM SSD connected via a PCIe card and it works with LibreElec without any problems.

What PCI Express card do you have? There were some reports, that the Pine card causes some trouble. Check out the following thread:

Oh,  wow, THANK YOU..

I've been tearing my hair out till I found this thread!   This should be a NO BRAINER, why would LibreELEC even publish a release that couldn't mount a SATA drive?

I just poked all the buttons at the PINE store figuring they were all gonna work together without issue..  Go figure.

Like SBCroak, I just figured the NAS case/ROCKpro64 combo was a natural for a stand alone media server..  How could it NOT be?  ;-)

Guess I'll poke at amazon.   Will report back here on success failure.

Thanks again for something google-able that explains my symptoms!!   (/dev/sda with ubuntu, no-love-for-you with LirbreELEC)

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