Help me calulate customs and duties in USA
(10-01-2019, 04:25 AM)neilman Wrote: In my case, for the UK, I got two charges (1) VAT of £38.29 and (2) Payment Deferment Risk of £11.

(Wonder what the "risk" was - perhaps pay up or it might get lost!?)

I suspect it's that rather than DHL waiting for you to pay customs charges, then passing the payment on and collecting the package, they will immediately pay the fees on your behalf (up to some limit), then hold the package themselves until you pay them. This would allow them to deliver the packages much faster (they can continue moving the package across the country while 'holding' it), but incurs a risk to them in case you do not pay. Collecting a suitable fee on all payments received allows them to mitigate the risk and ensure that the don't end up making a loss.

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