Help me calulate customs and duties in USA
(09-28-2019, 06:45 AM)Eggmonkey Wrote: I'm sorry that I can't answer for the States.

But on that note - are there any German residents here who know how much to expect in extra Customs Tax/ VAT?
I live in Berlin and have received other large packages at my workplace and had the delivery guy asking for €14.38 EXACTLY in cash ONLY before I receive the package, something I find more than a little komisch und lustig. Big Grin

Deutschland ist ganz anders!
(aber noch ein schones land)

For the PBP: Checking on with TARIC 84713000 for Laptops ( ) gives you a Drittlandszollsatz (Einfuhr from China) of 0%. This means it will "only" be EUSt. of 19% on everything (ie. cost + shipping cost). At about 220 € that would be ~ 41.80 € (unless shipped by DHL Express – they'll additionally charge a ~ 15 € processing fee, but I think it's regular DHL).

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