rockpro 64 does not boot up automatically after software reboot
(10-24-2019, 10:46 PM)rahulsharma Wrote: I am trying to reproduce the same issue here in my workspace and it has been around 20 days but not able to reproduce same.
Will also try your point of Electromagnetic interferene here.

This may be an evidence of electromagnetic interference problem.
Quote:Some more people are saying that they got same issue with eMMC. So may be i should continue with good quality SD Card for my future projects.

eMMC may be more susceptible for EMI because FLASH chip for PCB installation has fewer EMI filtering circuits, if any, just because should work in controlled environment and is not designed to operate through a connector.
In contrast, eMMS has EMI filtering for sure, because is designed to work in mobile devices through a connector, in the vicinity of transmitting antennas.
You have not provided enough details about your hardware and environment. But in general I can suggest you to try:

  1. Fit ferrite beads on all wires connected to the board.
  2. If former doesn't help enough, try to protect the board by a screen, may be by insulated copper foil around eMMC board. Connect the foil to the closest ground plane (should conduct to 0V wire of power supply zero Ohms).

Good luck!
If you will need more assistance, you may send me a link to your device hardware photos to let me provide more suggestions in private.
@rahulsharma , have you tried different sd cards? Different models, different manufacturers? There are good chances to get much more reliable flash operation in your environment with just different flash controller chip with different firmware inside of an SD card.
Good Morning,

Heads up to anyone still tracking this.
A few bugs were fixed in mainline Linux and mainline Arm Trusted Firmware to fix reboot and power-off issues with this board.

Arm Trusted Firmware was not handling reboots correctly so reboots would usually hang up.
Arm Trusted Firmware was not powering on the A72 cluster after a reboot, causing boot issues.

Mainline Linux was calling PSCI (Arm Trusted Firmware) for power-off, when PSCI cannot power off this board currently.
It has been fixed so now Mainline Linux calls the rk808 to initiate power-off.

So if you were using mainline code and had reboot issues, you need to update to the latest ATF.

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