Port Adapters for PBP — Ethernet, HDMI, etc.
(10-05-2019, 12:18 PM)zaius Wrote:
(10-04-2019, 04:04 PM)neilman Wrote: Bad one, Pro-Elec, produced good picture but Pinebook Pro won't fully power off until the video cable is unplugged
Good one, Choetech, produced good picture and allows full powerdown no issues.

Resolution was noticed when looking at the "displays" setup - the external monitor could not be set above 1920x1080.
So I left it at Full HD and mirrored the LCD screen.

Oh, I understood the difference you experienced.  What I meant is that I didn't see anything in the product descriptions that would account for that difference, so people could look for it when shopping for HDMI adapters.

Does xrandr show the external monitor?

Using the default Debian OS
Debian display settings correctly identify my monitor as AOC-27inch.

Yes, xrandr shows both monitors, with various resolutions up to 1920x1080 (max) on Int and Ext monitors.

No clue as to why one of the cables prevents powerdown.

While I was tinkering with Ayufan's MATE and LXDE distros on micro-SD (following the UBOOT update last night) I did notice that the next resolution up from 1920x1080 was available (2100x1440? from memory)
I've been trying out a couple of Amazon (UK) USB-C multi-port hubs with my Pinebook Pro and am somewhat disappointed by the results so far.
I got hubs which included USB-3 ports, a USB-C port, HDMI and Ethernet and one had SD/micro-SD sockets.

So far, when plugged into the USB-C port I can get video out and USB-C charging in but nothing else.

Using a USB-C to USB-3 adapter on the hub input I can get USB-3 sockets, Ethernet input, SD card but no video out or USB-C charging (through the hub).

For me there's a big improvement on speed-tests with wired network over wireless.

Is the USB-C port on the Pinebook Pro *only* for video-out & charging-in?
@neilman, that's what I would like to know. Ideally we would get all of these in the docking station / USB hub;

  • Powered docking station / USB hub
  • Power to Pinebook Pro from docking station / USB hub
  • DisplayPort, (but from the Pinebook Pro, not USB video)
  • Some USB3 ports, (probably a minimum of 4 USB ports, but some could be USB2 or USB-C)
  • 1Gbps, (or faster), Ethernet

All the peripherals, like USB3 ports & Ethernet would be powered from the docking station / USB hub.
A USB 2 or USB-C port would be nice also, but not necessary for me.

I was planning on doing some research into USB-C and alternate modes for DisplayPort. From what little I understand, USB-C supports 1, 2 or 4 lane DisplayPort, not including the USB2 pins. So, its possible that a docking station could be made that does what I want.

If it turns out no one makes one, and what you / I want is possible with the Rockchip RK3399, then perhaps Pine64 could be convinced to make a companion docking station.
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In regards to docks, please see this post in this thread:


In regards to the PBP's USB-C, I'll add more information as it becomes available.
I also got myself an Choetech USB-C to HDMI Adapter (NewSKU: Z-HUB-H10), runing on stock there is Overscan over adapter which is providing video to an Panasonic TV, also I am unable to get audio over this adapter, any hint is welcome.
I've updated the formatting of the hardware accessories, (including USB-C alternate mode Display Port devices), to be a bit clearer. Plus added my own dock at the bottom. Here is a direct link;

Wiki - Pinebook Pro Hardware Accessory Compatibility - USB C alternate mode DP

As usual, feel free to correct, improve or comment, (good or politely bad).

Eventually I might change the formating of the Results section so that we have 1 line for each dock item;

DP - Tested to 1080p
Ethernet - Tested 1Gbps
USB 3 port - Tested with keyboard & mouse

But then again, I may be overthinking it.
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Should audio also work with USB-C to HDMI port? Reading the wiki and this Note: "Note that only USB C alternate mode Display Port will pass video". So I guess, if i get video (even with a slight overscan to 1080p which have my Panasonic LCD TV) audio should work to over this USB-C to HDMI?
audio works on my usb-c to hdmi adapter to my TV @ 1080p

tested with big buck bunny 1080p @ 30fps

Cable Matters #201018
(01-19-2020, 01:19 PM)vrabac Wrote: Should audio also work with USB-C to HDMI port? Reading the wiki and this Note: "Note that only USB C alternate mode Display Port will pass video". So I guess, if i get video (even with a slight overscan to 1080p which have my Panasonic LCD TV) audio should work to over this USB-C to HDMI?
Yes, it's likely audio should work, (if your video works).

I was intending people to understand that "USB C alternate mode HDMI" won't work. So if you have video, then your device is "USB C alternate mode Display Port" with active converter from Display Port to HDMI.
Arwen Evenstar
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