How to create the img file to use with etcher once you build the android SDK?
(07-18-2019, 01:02 PM)dazza5000 Wrote: How do we construct the single .img file like the one that is distributed on the wiki after we build the Android ROM?

I found these steps for flashing:

rkdeveloptool is here:
Get the board into bootrom mode. Short the two pins next to the LEDs and hit reset.

cd rockdev/Image-rk3328_box
rkdeveloptool db MiniLoaderAll.bin
rkdeveloptool ef
rkdeveloptool gpt parameter.txt
rkdeveloptool ppt
rkdeveloptool ul MiniLoaderAll.bin
rkdeveloptool wlx uboot uboot.img
rkdeveloptool wlx trust trust.img
rkdeveloptool wlx misc misc.img
rkdeveloptool wlx baseparameter baseparameter.img
rkdeveloptool wlx resource resource.img
rkdeveloptool wlx kernel kernel.img
rkdeveloptool wlx dtbo dtbo.img
rkdeveloptool wlx vbmeta vbmeta.img
rkdeveloptool wlx boot boot.img
rkdeveloptool wlx recovery recovery.img
rkdeveloptool wlx system system.img
rkdeveloptool wlx vendor vendor.img
rkdeveloptool wlx oem oem.img
rkdeveloptool rd

Hi dazza5000,

This is the tool you're looking for, to create images that can be written with etcher. SD_Firmware_Tool._v1.46, you can find this in the RKTools directory in the SDK, however it's only for windows.

Btw, did you get your board? I was able to build mine but I'm having some weird problems with the U-boot from the SPI flash, it works if I just bypass it though Smile

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