Please update PineH64 pages to say Armbian is unsupported
(07-11-2019, 03:23 PM)JGwinner Wrote: The wiki page:

Does not state any of that.

I would suggest updating it to say "Unsupported" per Igor, below:

Note that the same page on the Armbian site doesn't specify "A" or "B", just shows a picture. Apparently, you're supposed to compare the picture and then realize you have a different board; despite the fact that the H64 page on Pine64 for the "B" board links to the same build. Per Tido/Retro:

If you go to Pine64, the "B" board, then link to Armbian, there are no pictures, and no mention that only "A" works and neither is supported. The file name is missing an "A" but given that the Pine64 "B" page links here ... you would think it works. 

I've put a comment on the wiki and linked back to your post about only the A board being a WIP.

I couldn't figure out how to make the text larger without making it a header.

If you think this should be altered further, you should be able to login to the wiki with your forum credentials...

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