First Manjaro Mainline build!
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The first build of Manjaro for the RockPro64 is now available for testing.

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Hi all,
Wrote Manjaro to 16Gb SanDisk SD card, booted, console on serial port at 1500000 baud.
Setup my user, password, root password and Timezone, nothing on HDMI.
As root did: pacman --init
"pacman" times out getting files whereas "wget" succeeds??
added to /etc/hosts:
pacman -S -y
pacman -S -u

Updated well until doing Firefox and crashed.
Next boot crashed at:
failed to execute /sbin/init: Exec format error
Now re-writing SD card.
Boots up fine to Serial console, it did blank the HDMI monitor temporarily.
Again, issues with the 1st login, setup user, password, root password etc. but got there.

Succeded with Package Update:
pacman -S -y
pacman -S -u
Mounts my USB3 cradle and Crucial 250Gb SSD.
SSH logins work fine but no X, as in ssh -Y [email protected]
uname -a
Linux rockpro64 5.1.15-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP Wed Jun 26 14:44:34 UTC 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux

I'm now looking for tools to build software. Need "cmake" and a c++ compiler.
Added Manjaro KDE ARM (ROCKPRO64) preview 1 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.
Updated Manjaro KDE ARM (ROCKPRO64) 19.06 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.
Added Manjaro LXQT ARM (ROCKPRO64) 19.06 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.
Added Manjaro Minimal ARM (ROCKPRO64) 19.06 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.

Note : This 3 build not working for eMMC module, as unable get display via HDMI.

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