Problems flashing u-boot on RockPRO64 eMMC
Hi all,

I'm using a RockPro64 board with a eMMC.

I succesfully flashed an Armbian image to this emmc, and I can boot it without problems.

I tried to disable boot from SPI (placing a jumper on pins 25-23 on PI-2 connector) and I'm able to boot from eMMC (u-boot spl and u-boot are loaded from there).

I tried to compile a u-boot.itb from scratch using Ayufan's repo and I flashed it to eMMC using USB OTG cable and rkdeveloptool at offset 0x4000. But old bootloader stills boot, as my bootloader were flashed not in the right place.
Besides that, I can use rkdeveloptool only if I stop u-boot and then run command

rockusb 0 mmc 0

Additionally, only first of two scenarios reported here is working, because if I disable SPI and eMMC with jumpers (so no bootloaders present) my board enter in MaskMode but rkdeveloptool does not work (seems unable to communicate with board).

What I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, regards

I've had a similar experience when trying to use my self-built U-Boot using the DDR blob, as well as when extracting the U-Boot image from the ayufan build .debs and flashing that.
The only thing I've managed to get to booting a kernel so far is when dd'ing the first 1.5MB of the Armbian image to the eMMC and putting my system on top of that, which is less than satisfying.

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