Getting any IR remote to work with the RockPro64 ?

I'm running libreelec on my RockPro64. I'm currently controlling it using yatse on my phone but I would like to use my amp IR remote. 
I plugged an IR receiver module on the appropriate socket on the board, I set up kodi to work with my amp remote (using the instructions from librelec wiki) but the remote doesn't work.
It seems that there is no IR driver loaded.

LibreELEC:~ # ir-keytable
/sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory
No devices found

The receiver module is a 38KHz TSOP4838, which works perfectly on my Raspberry Pi3's GPIO with the same remote.
Is it possible to get IR-keytable to work on the board ?
Any help would be hugely appreciated !

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