low speed wifi

some news on  my connections speeds...
I made other tests with armbian bionic 4.4.174 on a SD card and i obtain ~10Mbits/sec in both sens.
Strangely, when i boot from eMMC (ayfan bionic 4.4.132) i get a throughput of ~40 Mits/sec; that's better but it's far away from the results i get on a windows laptop (~200 Mbits/sec).
Why the internet throughput is lower when booting on a SD card Huh 

but this is not all.

I also tested the internet throughput using the Gigabit connection. That's better than with wifi but far away from the results i get with (exactly) the same connection on a pc; and once again the throughput is half when booting on the SD card. So, when booting on the eMMC i get ~100 Mbits/sec (<50 Mbits when booting on the SDcard); this connection allows me to get an internet throughput of ~500 Mbits/sec on a windows pc. This is very disappointing from a Gigabit Ethernet interface, so much that one wonders if this is really a Gigabit ethernet interface Sad .

Someone have ideas or advices?


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