NAS + ​Pine64 ROCK64 = Few Important Questions
(04-13-2019, 08:17 PM)default_user8 Wrote: Flip, I have been running nextcloudpi and plexmediaserver on a raspi 3b for some time now without much difficulty, except for the slow throughput.  I had been having some issues with nextcloud and after chatting with nacho about them he suggested i rebuild and start from scratch.  My previous setup was booting from an 80gb hard drive with a usb 2 enclosure and running 2 1tb drives as my NAS, one as the active device and the second as a mirror of the first via rsync every Monday morning at 3am.  Since i was starting from scratch i did some reading and found the rock64 had faster memory, ethernet, and usb3 which put it ahead of any raspberry pi.  I bought my 1gb rock 64 off ebay with a 16gb sd card and a 3amp power supply for $30USD.  Now my setup is booting the rock64 from the sd, my active drive on the usb 3, and my backup drive is on usb 2.  I did this as a test platform to see if i needed to get the 4gb board and then i would retask the 1gb board as my pihole, and pivpn server.  However, with nextcloud, plex media server, and raspi moniter running i have rarely seen memory use go over 600mb.  Hope this info helps, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my setup.

Thank you for your reply! Rolleyes It is much more valuable because it is based on your real experience with various SBCs. I'm getting closer to buy Rock64 or RockPro64, especially when I looked again at the prices of NAS (Synology, Western Digital) that meet the above requirements. 

Unfortunately, as far as I understood correctly, you use Rock64 + 1GB RAM, but without USB HUB, right? Basically, Rock64 users scared me, saying that the rule is simple. The more disks, the more trouble. I will wait a few more days. If no one answers, I will probably buy RockPro64, because better communication with disks through ROCKPro64 PCI-E To Dual SATA-II Interface Card is a fine argument Idea

I was so relieved to hear that you rarely see more than 600 MB of RAM consumption. However, 2 GB of RAM is not much more, whereas I have plans for more complex services. Finally, probably the easiest way will be to test it by myself. 

Do you recommend any alternative solutions? Recently I read about WD My Cloud Home 4TB. It is not much more expensive than building own NAS is. After all, when I saw Dashboard and available services, I quickly gave up this idea. Synology, on the other hand, looks very interesting, but NAS prices (even without any hard drives) are overwhelming Huh

Probably the last question. Do you recommend any cases? I would like to buy PINE64 NAS Case, but it is not available in my country. Is there a chance that someone used any alternatives in the form of Mini-ITX?

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