Blank Screen on Boot
(05-10-2019, 05:57 AM)MECZero Wrote: In another thread, people have been experiencing the same issue. As described in that other thread, the only solution at the moment is to plug in AC power and just keep power cycling the device until it finally boots and the screen remains on.

Did this last night and it took approximately 6 to 8 hard reboots to finally boot properly. Typing this response from the Pinebook, which booted fine this morning.

I'm wondering if perhaps it has something to do with the power state of the device, like if the battery is below a certain percentage... Though the battery was well above 50% when I was trying to boot it yesterday to no avail...

This was just a quick update.

perform an update on root, pacman -Syn update to current status and check whether still happening. This is an only advice that I can think about and provide.

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