Shipment to Russia?
Any updates or workarounds?
(09-17-2020, 08:19 PM)zvse Wrote: Any updates or workarounds?

Looks like only possibility is using Russia Post. However, not able to locate Russia post agent in China and Hong Kong. Any info welcome
What about shipping via Poland warehouse?
(09-19-2020, 03:49 PM)MamlinAV Wrote: What about shipping via Poland warehouse?

Still DHL service, may be still have same issue to Russia and also needs to paid the additional 23% VAT tax.
No updates yet?
There is a way to get the phone through a package forwarding services. For example Czech Post/EMS Czech/UPS are all seems to be ok'ish with built-in batteries. But cost of shipments to forwarding warehouse + VAT + shipments to final Russian address is around 90$-130$ which is a 2/3 of the device price. I would've bought Manjaro+Convergence edition but I'm not willing to pay 320+$.

Point is: if you REALLY want the PinePhone (or any other pine device with battery) there is a way.
Another way is to assemble PinePhone from spare parts.
Wrote an email to

Quote:Since PinePhone delivery to Russia is not possible, it would be wise to add the main board version 1.2 (a) to the store. The main board from the Brave Heart version is outdated and not needed by anyone. So buyers from some countries, like Russia, will be able to assemble the current version of the PinePhone from parts on their own.
At the moment, I see that this is the only way to get a device in Russia.

And got the answer:

Quote:Thank you for your suggestion. We will have PinePhone 3G/32GB upgrade board in late Q4.

Have a nice day!

Pine64 team
(09-19-2020, 02:32 PM)tllim Wrote:
(09-17-2020, 08:19 PM)zvse Wrote: Any updates or workarounds?

Looks like only possibility is using Russia Post. However, not able to locate Russia post agent in China and Hong Kong. Any info welcome

@tllim , you don't need a Russia post agent. Just send by China Post or Hong Kong post (in example: China Post Registered Air Mail). After crossing a Russian border it gets autoconverted to a Russia Post shipping method. That's how a million of Chinese sellers are doing, I believe.

Example: I needed to return a few items to both China and Hong Kong for a warranty service - laptop battery and a memory card. I haven't even thought of searching for a China or Hong Kong post agents - I simply brought the packages to the closest post office near me, and had them sent quickly and efficiently.

It's really strange that Pine Store has a cheap shipping method to Tuvalu (literally the middle of nowhere) - but not to Russia. Please help us to get a "normal post" shipping method to Russia ASAP before they are sold out again. Cry
Another bump.. I still want a solution

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