(03-25-2019, 07:26 AM)Luke Wrote:
(03-25-2019, 07:15 AM)kardanadm Wrote: Hi
I tried many things but couldn't install Spotify.
I found a spotify for Rpi. can we edit it for RockPro64

Didn't look closely, but looks like its for jessie, so perhaps you just need to sort of dependency issues? what errors are you seeing?

[edit] You're likely to have an easier time with mopidy (with the spotify plugin).

RockPro64 is very nice SBC, works fine as normal computer. want to use in daily life. but all of my music archive is spotify and I can't live without music!

I tried a lot, but I wasn't successful. web player doesn't even work Smile web player is good enough for me but it doesn't work !!!

Also an application required for Pinobook pro Smile

edit: Yeaa mopidy also happens. I will try to establish, if I succeed I will be very happy.

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