GPIO performance 100x slower compared to Raspberry Pi 3
Has anybody else observed this issue?

I am trying to get the Blinkit LED SPI Device to work with the RockPro64.

I have noticed that the Python GPIO library's  under Raspberry Pi 3 seem to run 100 times faster than can be achieved under RockPro64.

While a clock pulse under RockPro64 takes 600us a clock pulse under Raspberry Pi takes 8-8us.
This is using the same blinkit example code on both devices.

Does anybody know if Raspberry Pi 3 uses a better performing solution than the /sys/class/gpio interface for programming the GPIO than  the rockpro64 ? The rockPro64 is just too slow!

The only reason I think I can not get the blinkit LED to work on the RockPro64 it because its 100 ties slower than the Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO

You can see the oscilloscope scans below  RockPro64  Raspberry Pi 3  RockPro64 Raspberry Pi 3

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GPIO performance 100x slower compared to Raspberry Pi 3 - by axelf - 03-22-2019, 03:31 PM

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