Pine64 not powering up.
(02-26-2019, 09:50 AM)dkryder Wrote: you need a good power supply. probably 2amp. you would be best to have ethernet connected at 1st boot. if i remember you need a monitor that does 720p or 1080p. it can stall if you do not have ethernet. then just have kb/mouse. it takes a while for 1st boot. what you experience is a common experience. if it persists try powering it via the pins. the usb power socket is lame.

Thank you for the reply i'm currently using a 5V 2.5Amp psu , i had an hdmi->dvi adapter connected and the monitor got drive, i also switched to a TV set with hdmi
and the same display , just a drive signal and then back to no signal, i however didnt have the ethernet connected as i was hoping to use wifi.. i will try with this and report 
back.. thanks again.

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