Customised (encrypted) eMMC installation using Anarsoul's ArchLinux
(03-09-2020, 02:15 PM)thunderweasel Wrote: I decided to give a shot to just removing the anarsoul linux-pinebook kernel and installing the mainline linux-aarch64-5.5.6 from the core repo, but ended up with a black screen after "loading kernel" on boot. Haven't had time to investigate any further. I may have forgotten a hook when I did mkinitcpio or something.

I had this same issue with Manjaro on my PB1080 (before rehoming it) and usually if you've got time (5-10m) to let the PB sit, you should see the login screen when you come back to it and press any key. It's pretty inconvenient, and no one seems to know why mainline does this for the PB, but it should still boot up and let you in.

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