Customised (encrypted) eMMC installation using Anarsoul's ArchLinux
From my point of view, getting the system to boot up correctly from a encrypted eMMC is the hard part  Smile .

I corrected the resume kernel arg and genfstab.

Your suggestions are good. I hope I find the time this weekend to completely overhaul the guide, maybe including adding a part on how to get at least one desktop environment running. And I'll happy try the linked WiFi fix - I assumed until now that the connection drops are something I have to live with, but it looks as if there is a fix already available!

I'm glad someone is using this how-to to get an encrypted system running. I'm actually very happy with my Pinebook since it's running ArchLinux on encrypted eMMC.

P.S.: If you encounter problems getting a desktop environment running, you can use exactly the command line from Anarsoul's build scripts to set up XFCE the way he set it up, including enabling the login manager (see the link on top of the how-to to get to Anarsoul's Github repository).

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