Tutorial[ Seagate Disks ]: Install Seagate OpenSeaChest Utilities
(03-22-2019, 11:59 AM)Neo2018 Wrote:
(03-22-2019, 10:33 AM)tuxd3v Wrote: If you do  hdparm -B 254 the disk go to sleep in the same way?
Hello tuxd3v,
Here I did a test with 127 and 254.
Currently 192 is set, > hdparm does not respond to -S specifications, but it goes automatically after an indeterminate time in standby mode.
This is much better than 127, where after 2/5 min. in standby mode changes.
(03-22-2019, 10:33 AM)tuxd3v Wrote: The reason for the Setup via a usb-sata converter with OpenSeaChest is Valid..
Unfortunately, I do not have the time. But that is at the top of my list.

After this comment, (After this, not using hdparm at all ......) I have an idea.
What if I use a clean OMV without using hdparm. And immediately after mount the HDD, install or test OpenSeaChest. Accordingly, hdpart makes the problems and not PCI-e SATA-II Card.
or with another OS. (Which OS would be better suited?)?
is this worth a try?
I use mode 127, because it consumes a lot less energy, and my Disks are used to have my Knowledge Database Base/Notes and So on, everything of my stuff resuming..

But I only use the NAs for Consultations, or to add Data,
And for this purpose, mode 127 is nice because its true that you get some lag on first access( disks need to get out of standby mode ), but then its smooth, and when you done, disks go to sleep again..

But it all depends..for holding streaming of videos, maybe not the best option..
My IronWolfs came with mode 254( performance activated ), all of them..

but they also came with No Power On In Standby, and no Spinup Current control activated by default..
So a needed to activate them, since I wanted that features,
to prolong disks life and to consume less energy..
For that I used Seagate OpenSeachest..

I haven't used hdparm on this disks, because hdparm has only SMART Features,
It doesn't have the Seagate Features, or the Western Digital Features, or any other producer, that are not in the SMART feature set..

You tried to use OpenSeachest on it, but you haven't succeed, so my bet would be take the disk, put it in a usb-sata converter, configure what you need and then put it again in the NAS..

You also said that you have them in mode 192, so you succeeded in Setting a correct mode on them..

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