Tutorial[ Seagate Disks ]: Install Seagate OpenSeaChest Utilities
(02-06-2019, 07:05 AM)tuxd3v Wrote: 8) Now has a Candy, check information about your Disk, using openSeaChest_Basics:
Hello tuxd3v, I need your help again please
I have decided to install OpenSeachest.
So far my actions are:
cd /root
git clone --recursive --branch v19.01.31 https://github.com/Seagate/openSeaChest.git
cd openSeaChest/Make/gcc && make release
after the make release command as far as I can see, there are no errors. Last lines after make release command >
../../utils/C/openSeaChest/openSeaChest_NVMe.c:74:5: note: in expansion of macro 'PARTIAL_DATA_ERASE_VAR'
../../utils/C/openSeaChest/openSeaChest_NVMe.c:1134:34: warning: 'fullSize' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
                            while(offset < fullSize)
cc ../../utils/C/openSeaChest/openSeaChest_NVMe.o ../../src/EULA.o ../../src/openseachest_util_options.o -Wall ../../opensea-operations/Make/gcc/lib/libopensea-operations.a ../../opensea-transport/Make/gcc/lib/libopensea-transport.a ../../opensea-common/Make/gcc/lib/libopensea-common.a -lm -lrt -o openseachest_exes/openSeaChest_NVMe
cc -Wall -c -std=gnu99 -O3 -I../../opensea-common/include -I../../opensea-transport/include -I../../include -I../../opensea-operations/include -DDISABLE_TCG_SUPPORT ../../utils/C/openSeaChest/openSeaChest_Logs.c -o ../../utils/C/openSeaChest/openSeaChest_Logs.o
cc ../../utils/C/openSeaChest/openSeaChest_Logs.o ../../src/EULA.o ../../src/openseachest_util_options.o -Wall ../../opensea-operations/Make/gcc/lib/libopensea-operations.a ../../opensea-transport/Make/gcc/lib/libopensea-transport.a ../../opensea-common/Make/gcc/lib/libopensea-common.a -lm -lrt -o openseachest_exes/openSeaChest_Logs
Before I put it to copying and the binaries to the final destination, I first wanted to test it.
(02-06-2019, 07:05 AM)tuxd3v Wrote: 7) Now try to see if root, knows about OpenSeachest Utilities:
    type "open" and press <TAB>, you will see at least :
                           openSeaChest_FormatUnit    openSeaChest_PowerControl
openSeaChest_Basics        openSeaChest_GenericTests  openSeaChest_SMART
openSeaChest_Configure     openSeaChest_Info          openSeaChest_ZBD
openSeaChest_Erase         openSeaChest_Logs          
openSeaChest_Firmware      openSeaChest_NVMe        
Try with the command >
cd /root/openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes
openSeaChest_Basics     openSeaChest_Firmware      openSeaChest_Info  openSeaChest_PowerControl
openSeaChest_Configure  openSeaChest_FormatUnit    openSeaChest_Logs  openSeaChest_SMART
openSeaChest_Erase      openSeaChest_GenericTests  openSeaChest_NVMe  openSeaChest_ZBD
type "open" and press <TAB>
No function
-bash: openSeaChest_Basics: command not found
-bash: openSeaChest_Info: command not found
What's wrong, how do I test the functions?
Many Thanks!

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