self-reboot issue
(02-07-2019, 04:27 AM)pas059 Wrote: Hi,

this morning i made other tests; just after the power up i started arbianmonitor for seeing the T°. Then i started to use the rock64, Firefox, Qt,.... progressively the tmperature increased. After some time of "heating", depending on the activity, the t° fluctuate between 65° and 88°. And at a moment, while the T° was 75° and the activity low, the rock64 self-rebooted. So i think that it's not a question of T°.
After this self-reboot, i added an usb3 camera an started an application which display the video, no problem .... and the T° is continously at 90° (and cpu load > 90%). I already do this during hours without problem. If i open the case of my rock64, the T° falls at 86°, one can let a finger on the heatsink, ok that's (very?) hot but one does not burn oneself.

an idea?

my takes you may have grounding issue that cause your ROCK64 reboot. Looks like when you add more devices, your grounding issue becomes less. this is my wild guess on your issue.

floating grounding issue in general will not damage your electronic device (such as SBC), when there is energy spike in your house and create a grounding flux that may disturb SBC operation.

If you have interest to know whether you have floating ground issue, just tie all your device grounding to solid earth thru one ground point.

In digital world, people no longer care much about grounding. In old analog world, especially among HiFi forks, grounding is a serious issue that can cause hamming sounds

again, this is my wild guess due to you mention addin more device and self reboot issue doesn't appear.

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