flash image to sd/emmc through ethernet
Hello every body,
  I followed the tutorial "Step by step guide PXE diskless configuration (with pxe-boot)", and it worked -almost- fine with debian image (error because root account disabled ... no console) but not with ubuntu container image (error during boot) . Then I have a question, is there a way to :
0. make a network directory with a minimal system and create a directory containing an image
1. boot the system with pxe-boot from ethernet
2. get the information on hardware (and specifically sd/emmc card)
3. flash the image saved on a network on it
4. reboot


Thank you for your help

My network is compound of :
- a rockpro64 (with eventually a ssd on the pcie)
- 3 rock64
- 2 networks (one local and one access to internet)

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