Rock64 OMV help needed
Hey Everyone, sorry in advanced if this seems overly negative, just fed up

I've been fighting with multiple images of OMV on a Rock64 4GB, both using 16GB MMC & SDHC cards from The Pine Store. & a connected 5TB 7200rpm powered external USB3.1 Gen 1 drive.
I have been using ayufan builds of OMV, both armhf and arm64, various builds and versions.
I've set the devices to never spin the drive down, or to sleep via the WebGUI power settings.

It becomes non-responsive within 24 hours, requiring a power cycle to be usable again. it's connected via gigabit ethernet.

All i want to do is use it with Transmission going through a VPN & to be a network share for media on my network.

I am not talented as bash commands.

Following the Techno Dad Life guides, trying to use the Docker/OpenVPN/Transmission solution, but that locks up the Rock almost immediately.

any advice? because i'm ready to go Office Space on this tiny little board. it won't be satisfying, just a waste of money.

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