Update 22.02.2019 Feature-complete Debian build - SDIO WiFi/BT / PCIe / 3D / 2D
(06-07-2019, 04:34 AM)beard5849 Wrote: What I'm looking for is GCC with NEON support .
And, not a cross compiler, so must run on the RockPro64.

Reason: LPCnet  and the FreeDV project.

Any pointers please?

And yes, I loaded mrfixit2001's Debian minimal image on 1st June 2019

Alan B

Hello beard5849,
I haven't understood your question..

You can use Rockpro64, and GCC, then,
You just need read the NEON Intrinsics, if you don't want to program in assembler, you can do it in C/C++..

You can check also the ARM Compute Library.

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