Update 22.02.2019 Feature-complete Debian build - SDIO WiFi/BT / PCIe / 3D / 2D
@kuerious - you aren't doing anything wrong, you just haven't mounted your boot partition as read/write. Use the "mount" command with the boot partition and "/boot -o remount,rw". Then you can edit extlinux and the default resolution. But be aware that the resolution of emulators will not be the same as the system default in extlinux, as different emulators are optimized for different resolutions. Also, in an upcoming updated release there will be additional PCIe drivers Smile

@p1x3l3d - a majority of the "fixes" in my build are kernel related, so swapping in another kernel would effectively undo them. But feel free to test anything you want by dropping in another "Image" or "dtb" and see what results you find Smile And thanks on the nickname props! Wink

@fosf0r - kernel source isn't available yet, but I'll be pushing it out to github at some point. Will keep you posted when that happens Smile

The next release will also have 4.4.171+ along with both the fan control and additional PCIe drivers

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