Update 22.02.2019 Feature-complete Debian build - SDIO WiFi/BT / PCIe / 3D / 2D
The desktop image will be posted, possibly separately to keep this thread headless related, on Friday. This gives us a few more days to tweak some minor things and find additional bugs. Anyways, Friday it is.
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(03-12-2019, 07:45 PM)Luke Wrote: The desktop image will be posted, possibly separately to keep this thread headless related, on Friday. This gives us a few more days to tweak some minor things and find additional bugs. Anyways, Friday it is.

Dudes take as much time as you like, I've been waiting almost a year to have a working Linux distro that can take advantage of the gpu, someday hope to be able to add a network card on top for the icing of the cake, but just having the hardware accelerated video will be enough to get my money's worth out of the sbc, it's been a long wait, hope you the best of luck and thank you for picking up this proyect, your work might make this board the king of low budget to midrange sbc's, I was planning on buying a beelink X45 or any J4105 mini pc for the matter and firestick to coupe with my frustration, you guys might make have to buy a second rp64 if it works, as in paper it should Big Grin

Thanks again keep up the good work Shy
Another encouragement to cheer on those working on this new image.
I bought a rockpro64 in autumn, for my son who has a Raspberry Pi to experiment with coding, but although it plots faster, this wasn't really useful without bt/wifi, sound etc..
So I experimented adapting it for a home server / net storage using the pcie, which works but we still await a stable feature-complete distro before settling it in this role.
Being always-on, such a box may in parallel record data from sensors, developing that requires a desktop mode too. 
Maybe if it works well i'd get another, one for server, one for kids (or maybe a pinebook pro).
One question - when is it likely that linux 4.20 distros will support these boards (feature-complete)?
Desktop Image Posted Smile
With the desktop built out, please keep the discussion here to the minimal image. Much appreciated.
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Is there any update regarding the PCIe issues some users were having (including myself) with Raid cards that overheat?
MisterA - existing images didn't have the RAID driver included in the kernel. Next release will. We also have not had any other complaints about the overheating cards, but unfortunately (or fortunately) we have not been able to reproduce the issue to test for ourselves.
Trying to get online to the internet. I apologize for the reply but I am so new I was unable to figure out how to post a new question
I have a running version of 18.94.1 lts running and ethnology shows link is yes but I have not been able to use netplan to connect to my home route as a dhcp client and connect to the internet.

I was ble to use etcher to flash a second emmc 64gb card with the containers aarch64 version but that too I have not figured how to configure to connect to the internet. Please direct me to where I can get the details how to set up
Hey MrFixit,

I noticed your update on April 27th for the RecalBox image. Awesome update, thanks for that!

Do you have any plans to incorporate those fixes/changes into the image from this thread as well? I would love to be able to use this image with docker and RAID!

Thanks in advance for your reply and hard work! Smile
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Hello MrFixit,

If you have available time, could you please release a minimal Debian build image applying the same fixes you've done in the latest RecalBox image? Thank you in advance Sir.

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