Cannot get RockPro64 to boot
Great to hear @andyburn!

Yeah I've seen various threads of people having trouble booting from SD card. Even when using the Pine64 installer. The reality of it is, SD cards are just super unreliable in general. I have had great luck with a new 32 Gb Sandisk SD card fresh out of the box from WalMart. Any image I want flashes/ boots fine onto it using the Pine64 installer.

On the other hand, I have had ZERO luck trying to flash a 32 Gb PNY card that I used to use in a mobile phone. I don't know if using it in an Android phone does something to it to screw of the file-system or what, but no luck whatsoever with that card. I even tried formatting it with 'fdisk' to try to clean it with no luck.

So point being, anyone having trouble booting from an SD card, if it is not a new card, and you used it in a mobile phone or some other device previously, I STRONGLY recommend trying to flash a brand new card. Try it before you decide you have a bad board. Most likely it is the SD card you are using and not your new board (although to be fair, @andyburn had a bad board according to the manufacturer, but I'm guessing this is the minority of cases).

Knowing now how unreliable SD cards are (for example read -->, long term I certainly plan on buying the PCIe adapter and hooking my board up to a nice SSD hard drive. I really like the board so far, and I'd like to set it up as a reliable home dev server, and not worry about the SD card taking a shit on me.

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