so installed minimal then xubuntu, major screen tearing.
so i have installed the minimal ubuntu 18.04 image and then i installed the xubuntu-desktop metapackage with recommends. i have noticed some pretty crazy screen tearing.... there hasn't been anything that has much mention (i searched the forums and the irc logs and there is not a whole lot of concise information on the subject....... i just want to have a thread on this.... 

you can tell me to buzz off if needed but i have almost all i need other then the screen tearing.... its also an issue in my main linux laptop but i don't really care about that as its mostly for work but this is being used for media consumption...
Beware, ROCKPRO64 is a hardcore SBC for developers.
Out of the box, most things have to be "fixed", or at least changed.

I have already done quite a bit of work on video, but not for X11.
X11/xorg isn't very good in RK, because GL doesn't exist, and the provided armsoc driver has no acceleration, and the kernel is missing rkmpp and rkvdec (for HEVC/4K/x265/PRIME) by default if you're using ayufan's images. The latest version/kernel may not have working HDMI i2s sound either, beware of that as well.

If you replace armsoc driver with fbturbo it should be MUCH nicer.
But not 100%.

- Please backup this file before doing anything in case you want to go back to armsoc driver: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-armsoc.conf
- GL acceleration doesn't exist (not related to which driver you use; RK3399 has no GL, period)
--> if you continue to use armsoc, you get software GL at least, sorta, kinda. I think? I quit trying to mess with GL a long time ago. At least GLES2 works and is accelerated.
--> you might have to install the gbm driver again after making changes or if anything weirds out on you: ' apt install libmali-rk-midgard-t86x-r14p0-gbm --reinstall '
- Once using fbturbo, programs that contain their own acceleration should be turned OFF, yes OFF. (Chrome/ium, Firefox, smplayer - use "X11 slow", and xfce4/MATE compositor must be DISABLED). Counterintuitively, the more you disable each app's built-in acceleration, the faster things will go. fbturbo basically takes software graphics calls and forces them to be accelerated. So if Chrome/Chromium/Firefox is trying to directly accelerate things, it will actually go slower until you tell the program to use software rendering - then suddenly it will accelerate again, like I said, counterintuitively.
- There's probably a bunch of gnarly caveats that I've forgotten, because both because xorg is really hard to use on RK3399, and because I moved away from X11, to framebuffer console + kodi.
- This fbturbo/armsoc situation still has nothing to do with playing videos, those will still play horribly, it's a different problem ->


Kernel 4.4.138-1100 is the only one I can recommend currently.
well i would be fine using just kodi if there was a way to get some modern web browser available.... (for things like youtube tv or something like that... )

what about trying to get a build of chrome OS running? i would be totally down for that... or make it so chrome is running as it would in chrome os (im not sure if it is at an int with out x or not...) some i could have the choice to load up a pseudo-desktop environment....... or maybe even "multiboot" for the options... im not sure... i am going for computer development in 2020... i am currently in a computer network and administration AAS at the moment but i am going to be doing programming later on and i would love to start trying to get chrome os running (it if were possible...

i am just on the cusp of being helpful with code and low level linux stuff but not quite... that is one reason why i got this board... plus it has a lot better IO throughput so i was eventually going to use it for a DLNA media server... and maybe some kind of small web server eventually...
There is gl4es but since pine is still not supporting Linux it may be easyer to go with an alternative like for some uses.

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