Rock64 as hypervisor ?
Dear All,

I'm using the Pine64 board since some months now to host my ownCloud and everything is working fine without any kind of issues !

As the Rock64 board seems to bring more power, I planned to use it as a virtualization board. But, I didn't found any tutorial that could help me to setup my board so far. I've read on the forum that some users managed installing Xen on the board, and other use Docker/Kubernete.

I realize that I first need to be clear with what I would like to do with this board : I have many other different boards used to achieve different tasks on my home network (multi-room audio system using MPD, home automation systems for my connected lights, connected heating systems, connected windows, garden water pumps ...), and would like definitively to use as less as possible boards ... Each board run either Debian or Ubuntu and hosts a dedicated application. I definitively would like to have only one Rock64 boards to hosts all that applications, BUT isolated the one from the other ... In case something goes wrong with one, I wouldn't have to others dead at the same time ... And because I do many tests on each systems to make them evolve sometime in "testing mode" (compiling from scratch, updating packages ...).

Any ideas to share with me ?

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards,
It works but I don’t know of any of the management frameworks with good ports to ARM. So you are sorta on your own with KVM CLI and config files. Real PITA.

The situation is better using container virtualization. With the limited memory footprint containers are probably better than traditional VMs anyway. Docker + Portainer works GREAT on the C2. Some of the networking constructs would work better with a modern kernel (4.4 or better). But as is its great.

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