System hang when login ubuntu desktop with NVMe SSD plugged
Good to know  I have been pulling my hair out troubleshooting the issue as I have a 10 node cluster that is unusable at the moment.

let me know if I can do anything to help .. I have a basic electronics lab.

Are there any Gerber  Files I can look at ? Is there a JTAG interface exposed on the PCB ? ... There are gaps in the documentation a Gerber file would help.

You can see my investigations here on the Armbian forum;

I also have the wifi and Bluetooth dongle available to test as well.

I do see a PCIe bus collision warning in the kernel and a voltage regulator warning on the vcc12v_pcie and vcc3v3_sys rails. (although vcc3v3_pcie child off the vcc3v3_sys rail does report its ability to invoke a voltage regulator).

I have been monitoring the current and power draws when the hangs happen ... and I don't think it is an issue with the power supply.

let me know how I can help.

the strange thing is .... if I boot in as root and use the armbian desktop instead of XFCE in user space  ... i can avoid the problem by using Firefox instead of chromium !!!!!!!!!! but if I boot in user space and launch XFCE ... it locks up immediately before I even have chance to launch a browser !!... I can eventually cause the board to grind to a halt as root using firefox but I have to go to web sites like and but its not a complete HW Freeze ... the mouse still responds. However I can 100% recreate the issue as root by launching chromium and loading the Armbian forum!! We have tried disabling HW Acceleration and chromium is still able to lock the board 100% reproducibility. What are Chrome and XFCE doing that could cause the issues to be more reproducible ?

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