Armbian images available
Question, is there a Kernel version that implements fan support, is there a way to add fan support? tryed tux3d fanctl but wasnt able to make it work, since im asking will 5.3 kernel be rolling on this board/ship, how is panfrost testing going?
(01-01-2020, 02:28 PM)NightCrawler504 Wrote: ... since im asking will 5.3 kernel be rolling on this board/ship ...

Dunnoh Armbian roadmap, but Ayufan images can be updated to try test versions of 5.3 kernels, and both Ayufan and Manjaro have 5.4 kernels available.
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So ive recently wanted to try all images again and for some reason i just cant get armbian to boot, are all images made for emmc, ive tried rufus and pine installer, tried flashing direct donwload and unzipped, ive tried different sd cards that i already know work on other os but armbian just soesnt want to play, do i have to use dd method? is that the only way, can you just not flash to a microsd? and avoid using emmc?
I tried the latest versions and they work on eMMC and also on SD card.

I am just trying to get SDL2 working in Stella without Window manager, no luck till now, but the desktop including KDE woks fine, like on Pinebook Pro.

I am still not sure if provided driver supports SDL2 or I have to install some another driver.
I ended up downloading the other recommended software in the page since main links didn't work 4 me.

Also some pretty inspiring news is going on in the Armbian development for rk3399 and hopefully it will translate to rp64, also debían bullseye is going to maintain pine book so maybe again we might profit from it, seems that even 4k is posible, boards like the nano m4b also did a gr8 job in their Android release so if interested development of the graphics in armbian for the board is here:
Ive been using armbian as default just because I have high hopes on the jmcc progress on media and is actually the only os that has consistently worked on bettering image.

As of lately, like 2 weeks ago, ram just started to fade away, running the same programs Ive been running for a while now. Checked issue and xfce (xfdesktop) was the culprit for some reason it keeps bloating on ram till there is no more left.

My rp64 is the 2 gb model and on system alone xfce used anywhere between 1.2 to 1.4gb of ram of 1.8 available, i constantly update/upgrade machine at first this was not an issue until like 2 weeks ago, i start the program i leave always on and it would start with a 150mega ram space available to the point where it would choke without any ram available.

Decided to try out kde and installed from synaptic manager since i did a quick apt search and there where too many packages hoped it would take care of dependencies, it installed without kwin so added it manually (cause windows didn't work), since it worked i did the tasksel install and it installed missing dependencies.

Atm kde plasma is using anywhere between 600 to 800 megas of ram that's at least 400 megas difference on the worst case scenario, I can now open my program see a video (at 720p) and still have available ram, its a huge difference. Never would i have even dare try to to open a third window on xfce, on kde its possible and still have room for more.

kde takes a little more time opening apps but once they are open they work so much better since there is no ram choking issue. I'm guessing these are tweaks on the updates so not complaining, but if you are having ram scarcity issues like me id really urge you to try kde-plasma. 1.4megas out of 1.8 just for system really is too much load for my already cut short ram im glad i found an option.

Another thing that was annoying me on xfce is that after display turned off to save energy it kept changing my screen resolution, kde doesn't do that.

Ive yet to tweak kde, take away transparency and some other animations to make it snappier. but since armbian is tailored for xfce not kde im following the dont repair if its not broken approach since its very likely ill break it if i tweak too much.

Thank you armbian development team for keeping our board alive.

BTW Konkeror browser is super light and fast, as long as you dont open many tabs/windows its just a breeze, looks so much better and get 600mb of use both with desktop and browser.

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