Ongoing HDMI limited compatability
(04-20-2016, 11:55 AM)rahlquist Wrote: Exactly the point. If a TV or Monitor wont accept 1080p in the Pine just doesnt work.

As expected: Unlike others longsleep updates his images and documents their behaviour. That's the first sentence everyone can read when clicking on the threads describing both his Arch and Xenial image:

Quote:What you get:

- HDMI at 1080p with 60Hz

Now please look at

HDMI resolution limitation warning disappeared. The 'featured' OS images are outdated, descriptions insufficient and wrong. Links to longsleep's images have been added a few hours ago (before there was nothing, only links to the 'featured' images based on his work). And instead of linking to the threads where everything is explained just links to torrents.

Everything as expected causing frustration and hours of hours of wasted time by countless users (like you for example). And they still do NOT have a quickstart guide where all this is explained. Instead the mess continues. Again: the whole issue is just another example for missing/wrong documentation and therefore surreal expectations.

Did you ever had a look into the BSP kernel sources? Now that tllim announced he got a BSP 2.0 (maybe based on a different kernel version?) everything will get even worse. Dealing with this BSP crap is PITA so I would suspect the real developers will start to focus on mainline kernel from now on. Who wants to throw his own work in the bin just to start from scratch with a new kernel tree (most likely containing the same mistakes as before) since Allwinner feels the need to play 'port and forget' every few months?

And I would suspect in the new BSP both libdram and libhdmi are closed source again. Why should a developer in his own spare time deal with this crap at all? Only since the Pine64 folks raised expectations by removing documentation?

The official Pine64 check list:
  • use Micro USB for DC-IN to encourage users to use Phone chargers, bad USB cables, insufficient 'smart chargers' and the like to reliably prevent their boards from booting
  • do NOT provide a quickstart guide warning for fake/counterfeit SD cards and do NOT explain that Phoenix Card throwing errors is an indication for 'something's wrong', encourage users to use fake/counterfeit cards to get in trouble
  • take a community member's OS images, add some stuff, remove documentation and links to the original to raise expectations (adding XFCE to an image that is know to only show display output at ONE SPECIFIC HDMI resolution and then removing the specific warning is a statement: "Take a look newbies, this is our Desktop Linux image")
  • save a programmable onboard led able to provide user feedback to ensure everyone plagued by the above thinks his board is DOA
and so on... everything as expected: KS backers wasting their time and thinking their boards are bricked. And with every new OS image variant appearing here it will get even more worse.

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