Anybody built a RockPro64 Cluster ?
Hi folks, I am very interested in all things cluster. Several decades ago I built a cluster of four FreeBSD 2.14 machinies. That was a big pile of hardware, and a bit pricey without an actual use caase. With the advent of the Raspberry Pi 4B+4GB I built several 4-node clusters to do RF testing at WhiteFox Defense Technologies. Then I discovered the Pine64so ClusterBoard. I have one of these fully populated in a nice case, only problem is you have to repower to reboot. Since then I also bult up a PiHat on a Pi3B+ and four Pi zeroes., still some problems integrating that. My recent research into odroid was fruitful and I think a cluster of Odroid boards each with eMMC boards would be more powerful, espacially the 8-core versions. I really like the Odoid N2+. Overall I like nice cases, but I am doing reseach and ugly glued to a board still works for me. Thoughts?

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