Debian kernel upgrade question
(04-18-2016, 09:58 AM)jl_678 Wrote: Hi,

My Pine is on its way and so I am thinking more about managing the platform.  I have already copied the image to my SDCard and so it is ready for the board's arrival.  However, the next question is ongoing maintenance.  Once I get it up and running, how do I ensure that I have the latest kernal and how do I upgrade it?  Historically, I have used apt-get package management but am not sure if that will work upgrading a Pine64 kernel.  

Naturally, downloading and flashing a new image file won't work because it will require me to rebuild the applications and related configurations.  Hence my question, once you have a running Pine64 Debian system, what is the easiest way to maintain the Kernel to assure that you have Longsleep's latest patches and general improvements?

Thank you in advance for any perspectives.


AFAIK is longsleep including two scripts in his images to enable you just to update kernel image and uboot only without loosing the rest:

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