Dead eMMC?
I've just received a RockPro64 with a 16GB eMMC module. I installed DietPi fine on the module and booted okay, spending a couple of hours configuring. But the next time I came to boot, I had to make several attempts before it actually worked. And then today, it booted on the third attempt but since then, nothing.

I'm powering from the 12V 5A supply I bought from Pine64.

At each attempt, the power LED comes on, but then nothing.

I tried booting from an SD card, and that worked fine. So I reflashed the OS image to the eMMC. I used Etcher for this and noticed that it took an unnaturally long time for Etcher to validate the image. (It did eventually.) But the RockPro64 still won't boot from the eMMC.

Do I have to conclude that this is a dead module? I've read about other people having problems with eMMC modules, so I'm starting to wonder if this is an unreliable way to go.

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